Sunday 27th October – 1 Tim 2.8-15

Today’s verses have been misused and often misunderstood through much of the history of the church. We look today at what Paul says about the status of Christian women.

Sunday 20th October – 1 Tim 2.1-7

Have you realised how politically incorrect these first chapters of Paul’s letter to Timothy are? Proclaiming these verses far and wide is likely to ruffle lots of feathers. Doug Rogers takes us further into the full impact of the Christian message.

Sunday 6th October – 1 Timothy 1.8-17

These verses should help us to understand something about mercy, salvation and grace. We often come across these three words and tend to lump them together without necessarily seeing the different significance of each one. There’s another word that crops up in relation to mercy, salvation and grace and it’s not such a popular or […]

Sunday 22nd September – 1 Timothy 1.1-2

Today we start looking at Paul’s first letter to Timothy. It’s tempting to gloss over the first few verses when we start reading the Epistles. It’s like when you get an official letter with all sorts of logos, addresses, and reference numbers scattered across the heading. We give the top a quick scan to see […]

Sunday 15th September – The Kingdom of heaven is like… #6

… a net, that was let down into a lake and caught all kinds of fish (Matt 13.47-50) Despite their reluctance, each time the disciples followed Jesus’ instructions and let down their nets they caught a huge number of fish. But what does this parable about a net, and the fish in it, tell us about […]

Sunday 8th September – The Kingdom of heaven is like… #5

Mustard seed and yeast. Some of Jesus’ parables are quite long, some are short, but virtually all of them were surprising, shocking even, to their first hearers. In just four verses that we read this morning, Jesus gives two illustrations of the Kingdom of heaven. Neither of them seems particularly surprising, but we’ll see. Often […]

Sunday 1st September – The kingdom of heaven is like … #4

… man who sowed good seed in his field, but… (Matt 13.24-30; 36-43) A couple of weeks ago (n° 2 in this series) we considered how we sometimes think God is unfair in the way he makes the last first and the first last. Here’s another parable that makes God seem unfair. Or have we misunderstood […]

Sunday 25th August – The Kingdom of heaven is like…#3

Today we look at the way Jesus explains how the value of the Kingdom of heaven compares with everything else in our lives. The Kingdom of heaven, he says, is like treasure hidden in a field – and like a merchant looking for fine pearls. (Matt 13.44-46)

Sunday 18th August – The Kingdom of Heaven is like… #2

“For the kingdom of heaven is like a landowner who went out early in the morning to hire workers for his vineyard.” In order to challenge people’s preconceived ideas about God, the Kingdom, justice and salvation, Jesus was often provocative. This parable in Matt 20.1-16 is almost guaranteed to get people up in arms. What […]