Sunday 11th August – The Kingdom of Heaven is like… #1

How do you explain colour to someone born blind? How do you describe to someone a taste, or a smell? You have to compare it to something else. And this is how Jesus explained the Kingdom of Heaven. In this first of a series we look at how He compared it to a great big wedding!

Sunday 28th July – 1 Peter #8 – God’s flock

This morning we concluded our series on the First Epistle of Peter. Sorry if the above image had you excited about a history lesson in 1970s decorating fashions – Peter doesn’t even give flock wallpaper a mention! What he does talk about is spiritual leadership in the church – and then he goes on to […]

Sunday 21st July – 1 Peter #7 – The quick and the dead

The Gospel, and the salvation it brings to our lives, is not an optional extra like metallic paint or a tow-bar on your car. It’s more like the engine. Without salvation, your life is just a broken heap of metal on its way to the scrap heap. Which group are you part of: the Quick […]

Sunday 30th June – 1 Peter #6 – Doing good

As human beings, we tend to take a short-term view of most things. Well, of the good things, anyway. We don’t expect them to last. Peace and happiness – joy, even – we see as transitory. Whereas pain and suffering loom large in our minds. They not only seem to go on for a long […]

Sunday 23rd June – 1 Peter #5 – Wives & Husbands

“Wives, in the same way submit yourselves…” does not, at first glance, sound like a rallying cry for 21st century feminists! But when we look at 1 Peter 3.1-7 in context, we discover that – far for being down on wives, and on women in general – the Gospel is good news of liberation. And […]

Sunday 16th June – 1 Peter #4 – Commended for suffering unjustly

In 1 Peter 2.11-25 we find that – as well as the privileges we have as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven – we have responsibilities. On of these is that we are called to follow Christ’s example and to “bear up” under suffering. Suffering that will come upon us unjustly, because we are His followers. […]

Sunday 26th May – 1 Peter #2 – Foreigners

Wherever our “home” country might be, Peter says we are to live out our time as foreigners here on earth. Why are we foreigners? In this second look into Peter’s first letter (1 Peter 1.13-25) we discover the eternal perspective that our heavenly citizenship should bring to our lives. We also try to grasp something of […]

Sunday 12th May – 1 Peter #1 – A living hope

In the first of this new series, we see how Peter explains the living hope that Christians have. The hope that we have – because of our salvation – is rooted in the past, alive in the present, and will go on for all eternity. (No need for a Tardis, really, therefore!)