Sunday 26th April – Is anyone thirsty?

There’s a lot of joking going on about how much coffee (and wine!) people are drinking during confinement and lockdown. When summer comes, though, we’ll have a real thirst – for water! This morning we look at why we get thirsty again – and at what Jesus had to say about thirst.

Sunday 19th April – Restoration!

Here in Pyrénées-Orientales, we can’t walk along the beach – or even get close to it, right now. But today’s message finds Jesus and Peter on the shore. And they’re having a difficult conversation.

Sunday 12th April – Easter Sunday

On the third day, Jesus rose from the dead! What did he say to the people he met on that first Easter Day? Looking at how Jesus approached and spoke to them can help us better relate to the resurrection accounts. And maybe help us relate more closely to Jesus himself.

Sunday 5th April – Letter-writing

We may be cooped up in our homes because of Covid-19 and unable to meet with people face to face. But we can still communicate in other ways. In such situations, for thousands of years, people have been writing letters. However, not all letters are written in ink or even with keyboards. Some are written […]

Sunday 29th March – Strange times

Nothing quite like this has ever happened before – not even during the World Wars. Today we’re going to think, not so much about the unseen enemy stalking us all, as about his primary weapon – death. (Sounds morbid, doesn’t it? Don’t go away: primarily, the message is one of Hope.)

Sunday 1st March – David #2 – Musician

David enters King Saul’s service as a musician. (1 Samuel 16.14-23) We are primarily looking at David in this series. But this early part of his life is intertwined with that of Saul. We can’t ignore what was going on in Saul’s life if we want to understand what was happening with David. Here, the […]

Sunday 23rd February – David #1 – nondescript shepherd

David: shepherd, musician, warrior-champion, fugitive and, finally, king. I started to note down the fairly important events in David’s life that we might include in this new series. I had three months worth of titles for Sunday messages and still hadn’t got to the part where he becomes king! So, we’re going to pick out a small […]

Sunday 16th February – Free speech

Pressure groups have been influencing local authorities in the UK to “no-platform” speakers at various evangelical church events. As a result, conference venue booking contracts have been broken. A Reading shopping centre has refused to renew the initial lease for one of America’s largest fast-food restaurants. Pressure groups have demonstrated outside the restaurant because the chain […]