The Gospel and Grace – 1 Cor 15 (#1]

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We’re in the post-Easter/pre-Pentecost season. During six of those weeks after the resurrection, Jesus continued to appear to the disciples before ascending to heaven (an event celebrated on 10 May this year). Then, 50 days … Read More

Gift of Prophecy

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Sunday 9th July 2017 – The gift of prophecy Today we are going to look at one of the gifts of the spirit – the gift of prophecy. There are lots of mentions of prophecy … Read More

Producing fruit – Peace

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Sunday 2nd July 2017 – Producing fruit: Peace I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “Miss Congeniality/Miss Detective”, the Sandra Bullock/Michael Caine film where she play a tough, one-of-the-lads FBI agent sent undercover as a … Read More